Gas Metering - Prepaid - PAYGTL - GSM / GPRS + BLE

GSM / GPRS + BLE DataSheets

The HAT-WA-GSM/GPRS is an I/O module specially designed for applications where the pulse/serial output of various metering devices need to be incorporated into a GSM/GPRS network for creating cost effective data acquisition and AMR solutions. The output of corresponding meter is directly connected to IP68 protected AMR gadget, the running count of the consumption is stored in local memory, (Permanent Storage) An open, bi-directional and extensible infrastructure that uses low-cost devices to send and retrieve data from Meters A high-reliability, fault-tolerant and proven network forms the backbone of the solutionSecure, Store and Forward mechanism ensures high data reliability, easy to install, capable of handing expanding network of meters with minimal latency.


GSM / GPRS communication capabilities

Inbuilt Protocol conversion and Auto Meter Detection

Built-in wide range Power Supply

Controller for interfacing with meter, local data storage, processing of data

Digital I/O for interfacing with external devices

Monitoring of digital inputs like tamper status, etc

Generating and Monitoring Alerts and Alarms at the meter-end

Up to 10 years Battery Life, depending on no.of transmissions per day


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