Gas Metering - Postpaid - Fixed - LoRaWAN + M-Bus

LoRaWAN + M-Bus DataSheets

LoRa The meter pulse sensor fits directly onto the meter index. It collects the pulses generated by index,passes to external AMR, where AMR monitors the energy count stores and supplies information to the server and the server provides Alerts / Alarming to authorized person along Billing dates for verification.

The AMR supports two types of Pulse sensing:

1. Magnetic Pulse
2. Inductive Pulse


Adjustable RF output upto+14 dBm

Works with any MCU and ALL PIC family

168dB maximum link budget

Programmable bit rate: 300bps-FSK, 10937 bps with LoRa WAN

A long range star architecture with high capacity

Supports both mobile and fixed nodes

Supports variable data rates and multi-channel simultaneously

Complete solution with both end node (SX127x) and concentrator (Sx1301)



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