Electricity PAYG Phase-I

Electricity PAYG Phase-I

As part of the MDAD series of Energy meters, HANBIT has come up with prepaid Whole Current Smart ENERGY METER with fully controlled remote operations. Which facilitates improved cash flow management in energy utilities and can reduces problem associated with billing consumer living in isolated area and reduces deployment of manpower for taking meter readings and real time TAMPER detection feature.With fully Remote operation, apart from the utility supplier, the end user also gets the benefit of remote TOP-UP/Recharge of his own meter, along with real time monitoring of his own consumption, which brings more awareness on energy metering and proper budget planning.


  • Total Energy, Current month consumed energy
  • Total Recharge Amount, Current month consumed amount, Balance Amount
  • R-Ph Voltage, Current
  • Y-Ph Voltage , Current
  • B-Ph Voltage, Current
  • Billing information
  • Slab rates

    Technical Data

    The Wave Pay As You Go Token less (PAYGTL) System provides Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), together with the potential for the utility to receive payment for the gas before it is used. The PAYGTL meter differs from the standard AMR offering, in that there is a solenoid valve fitted on the meter inlet. The wave module monitors the customers' account checking the gas consumed against the credit available. Should the account become zero then the gas supply will be shut off. A customer can top up his account at a registered pay facility, by credit card over the phone /online or by direct debit. The display on the module provides the customer with realtime information regarding the credit balance


    • Improves cash flow and reduces cost to the utility
    • No requirement to read the meter
    • Near real time data
    • Remote disconnect for non payment
    • No need to produce a bill
    • Reduction in back office staff
    • Average saving of 15 to 20% per Annum