Commercial Gas leak detectors are used for detecting gas leakages in industries. These are designed to operate with fast response and high sensitive. Housed in a metal casing ensuring high safety and more rugged, provision for Buzzer alarm indication whenever it encounters leakage. These gas leak detectors are using GSM mode of communication for sending alerts through SMS to concern officials on their mobile phones.

SANO Gas leak is used for gas leakage detection in home and industry. It is suitable for detecting LPG gas used for domestic gas cylinder. It is highly sensitivity and has fast response time, incorporated with sound alarms system indicate whenever a leak is detected.Only detector available which is Kitchen Platform Panel mountable 100% more effective than competing Products in terms of ability to detect LPG. In addition to gas leaks it can detect heat, very useful features for kitchens. Automatic Calibration at the desired level of LEL (Usually 10% of LEL). GLD-S-R suitable for following applications. Pantries Home Kitchens